Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I be wondering, do they enjoy a USB that you plugin to your laptop and on the lapse of it have an audio and video


I agree I decision you would have writen the cross-examine better. Yes, there are external nouns boxes that you can plug submini plugs into. They are bundled with some nice features, but they are not cheap. If youre chitchat about a small little usb dongle, that would not be a perfect choice because it is suceptable to damage and it would involve a D/A convertor and no good D/A convertor is gona be surrounded by a dongle. As far usb video, nothing accurate. There are USB tuners but theyre terrible and they dont hold utput, they display onscreen
An audio/video what? your question is incomplete.

There are USB audio devices that you can connect to a laptop (Soundblaster Audigy). This device replaces the onboard video on the laptop.

As for Video, I've never see anything like this, but next I've never really looked.

I be given a second mitt laptop and want to restore it to org state good no info would approaching instructions so

would close to to save no info on other owners info


Well - the orignal state can individual be provided with disks from the businesswoman. You can search for them on dash, find a number to call, and they can convey you restore disks. That will include the operating system, applications, and drivers for everyone that was factory installed on that laptop.

Or - you can build it from cut into if you have access to a licenced copy of an Operating System - resembling Microsoft Windows or Linux. That way, you'll be capable of add anything software you want, but you might need to surf the internet to look for drivers if it doesn't build properly.

Its easier to do the first, but you'll swot a lot by doing the second. Either opportunity will also give your the opportunity to format the disk, which is the singular way to bring all the older data stale.

Good luck either opening!
If you have the productive disks etc, reformat the hard drive and put everthing support on it, it will be as new. You can also put your own label etc on so there will be not trace of the previous owner. I have the same problem after buying an ex demo model from a store. They should ahve done it beforehand I got it, but I didn't hold time to take it rear legs as I emigrated 4 days after buying it!

I want wireless internet for my notebook!??

I own Alltel, just surrounded by case it matter! Or, can I just buy a card at a store? I lately don't understand wireless internet! Someone explain.


first move about and buy your self a linksys wireless-g router [cost about 100 -120$] bring back it hooked up. next your router should come next to a wireless usb adapter that will connect to you desktop!!!
You need a wireless router to broadcast your internet, next your laptop will need a wireless card to connect to it.
I do not reflect on that altel has WAN crds, I suppose only Verizon, cingulair and Tmobile. It is pretty expensive, but it is COOL. If you basically want wifi, to use your computer at school an freinds house or a coffee shop, most enjoy it bult in immediately
just grasp a card and go to a in close proximity by labtop store and they should help you

I want to upgrade my push and knotty drive contained by my Macbook but where on earth a cheap to draw from macbook hit and a intricate drive???

I own a intel core duo 60 gb 512mb Macbook and i want to upgrade my hard drive to a 160gb 5400rpm and i want to upgrade my bump to 2gb. So where is the best, protected, cheapest place to get 160gb intricate drive at 5400rpm and 2 gb of ram???


Be extremely, very vigilant with cheap RAM. A lot of it is crap.

Kingston make good RAM.

There are cheaper places to catch RAM, but I've gotten a lot from Amazon because if I enjoy a problem, it's dead glib to exchange it.

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I want to get rid of my lap-top but inevitability to clear out adjectives of my information first, how do I do that?


It depends on how far you want to jump.

1. Use a boot disk (http://www.bootdisk.com) to first run fdisk to partition the drive and later format c: to format.

2. If you have it, use the disc that came near your computer (restore disk) to reinstall the operating system.


3. Delete all files/folders surrounded by My Documents. Uninstall all programs that might hold sensitive data (quickbooks, etc.) and internet cache approaching files and cookies. Then defrag the drive (which will make it more difficult for someone to recuperate any deleted data). Also, if you own a password, change it something you wouldn't customarily use (like password).
iolo.com data scrubber
Reformat the HDD.

Returns the computer to as alien state.
The best way is to any use your original disks that come with your computer and format the computer to the untested state. If you do not have the disks use any full Windows cd. Boot from the cd or floppy and FDISK the computer. This will ensure you do not check out of any information behind. The finishing thing you want is to go somebody your personal information.

I want to go my HP Pavillion dv9288ea that i bought within april. how do i shift going on for doing that?

I am trying to market my HP Pavillion dv9288ea that i had bought for me within april this year for my birthday. Spec is very really good and it is somewhat new. how much do you assume i will get for it? where on earth should i sell it? ebay? the function i would like to go is because i am going to uni in october and would similar to to buy a macbook.

the specs for my current HP laptop are at this address:



thats an amzing spec laptop, and would demand a huge price, i would reccommend any price over lb1200 and try putting surrounded by on www.ebay.co.uk. or www.tazbar.co.uk or put it in local trading magazine . trade-it ... gl near ya sale


Add surrounded by your local paper?

Let everyone you know you're selling it, someone might be interested or know someone who's interested.

Good luck.
You could buy a copy of Micro Mart computer magazine, it's solitary lb1.99 . They have free cassified advert in the fund so you could advertise it in attendance. The best thing nearly this is it's a magazine which is aimed at computer literate people and sell thousands of copies weekly. It's also a good mag for info on computing unanimously. Good spec by the way. Hope this help.

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I want to purchase a laptop. I am using it for e-mail,online bill money, and budgeting.?

How much memory and processing speed do I requirement?


1ghz processor and 512mb of RAM

You can pick one up on ebay for around $250 with Windows 2000 Pro.
Well if your buying a unsullied one chances are it will come beside vista... sound approaching you don't really want/need the OOs and AWWs of Vista though so get Vista Basic. Then obtain At LEAST 512mb og ram or memory i would return with a minimum of 80gb hard drive as economically... as far as processor goes... pretty much if its within a new contraption with vista makeshift... it will do. plus i would get internal wireless. excluding that... it doesnt really matter a total lot... Try an Acer or a Compaq/HP laptop... those are the best and cost is good..
Very little, 500mhz and 128mb strike would be plenty good plenty: so long as the laptop has plenty performance to run Windows XP, that's adjectives you'll need (and a meet people card to connect to the internet - most new laptops enjoy those installed).

But if you aren't going to carry the laptop around, a desktop PC would be deeply cheaper and better value. A laptop costs approx two thirds more than an equivalent desktop.